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About Henderson

Company Profile

Henderson Structured Settlements was founded in 1981 by Roy Henderson, a former executive manager for Manufacturers Life and the first structured settlement consultant in Canada for The Structured Settlement Company, one of the original structured settlement companies in the United States.

In 1989, David Sampson assumed ownership of Henderson Structured Settlements and, among many other accomplishments, expanded the purview of the company's operations to a national level.

In 2004, Henderson Structured Settlements was acquired by a consortium of employees, and the company continues to be Canadian owned and operated.

Henderson Structured Settlements is a recognized leader in the Canadian structured settlement market. The company is contracted with four major life insurance companies presently underwriting structured settlements in Canada and offers a written pledge that is unparalleled among Canadian structured settlement brokerages.

The Henderson name has been throughout its history associated with the very highest standard of professionalism and civility. As testament to this, the company is supported by a diverse national clientele that includes counsel from both sides of the bar and representatives of the casualty insurance industry.

Henderson Structured Settlements, as a company and as individuals, is dedicated to the principle of giving back to those most in need. Among other charities and public institutions, the company is presently a major sponsor of and fundraiser for the Spinal Cord Injury, both in Ontario and British Columbia, the Ontario Brain Injury Association, Hamilton Health Sciences and various other brain injury associations and hospitals across Canada.


Henderson Structured Settlements is a proud sponsor of:

paralegal Spinal Cord Injury Ontario
brain injury Ontario Brain Injury Association
Health Sciences Hamilton Health Sciences

Making the Links Golf Classic

Beginning in 2011, Henderson Structured Settlements has sponsored and organized an annual "Making the Links Golf Classic" in support of Hamilton Health Sciences, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the Ontario Brain Injury Association. The tournament brings together the medical, legal and insurance communities of Hamilton Health Sciences each year to raise money and awareness for both the Acquired Brain Injury Program and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation.

Thanks to all participants and sponsors for their generous support, we have been able to raise over $200,000 for the benefit of these three extremely worthwhile causes that help create new hope in the lives of so many people.

Eat Well Live Well

Henderson Structured Settlements, together with Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, are proud sponsors of this first-of-it's-kind nutrition guide co-authored by Kylie James and Joanne Smith. Read More...


The operations of Henderson Structured Settlements are now largely paperless. The little paper used is of a recycled variety (mostly branded FSC).

Henderson Structured Settlements operates with a minimum of office space (because of our ability to create virtual offices anywhere) and employs teleconferencing (and video conferencing), where appropriate.  All employees are cognizant of environmental considerations in everything they do (including travel).